We offer diagnostics gratis and prescribe multiple scenarios so that companies can make the choice best suited to them regarding the way forward. This may result in restructuring, doing job evaluations, re-writing job descriptions or simply recommending training modules which may resolve productivity-related issues. The package we offer have the flexibility of budget, content and duration.


In-House Seminars:

As organisations and personnel vary in their organisational needs and issues, so are there multiple ways in which different organisational issues can be tackled, depending on the result we will be looking for. With this in mind, INOVA JOBS COMPANY LIMITED will offer high impact training on the premises of the client, or at their preferred venue. After discussions with our consultants, a unique programme will be designed “just the way you want it”.


Public Seminars:

In the situation where companies need to train only a few of their staff members, our public seminars usually held in our conference rooms, provide the opportunity for people of the same target group from different companies to come together and improve upon their skills. Our public seminars are one of the many ways we can help with the skill-building of your staff, providing the flexibility to meet each individual's training needs at just the right time in the right milieu.



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