1. Outright Placement:
    1. We provide shortlisting and selection services by matching qualifications and competencies to the requirements of our clients, well-qualified staff to match specific job/role requirements.
  2. Temporary Placement:
    1. We provide temporary staff with experience who can do contract/ relieving duties from a day to a year.
  3. Domestic Placement:
    1. Individuals - We provide domestic help for busy families requiring assistance in the homes such as nannies, cooks, etc.
    2. Companies - We provide companies also with domestic staff including, housekeepers, cooks, stewards etc.


Career Counselling:

For those who cannot decide on what to do after school or need a career change, we have discussions with you to guide you.



We coach new applicants with skills that will ensure that they excel at interviews.  We groom jobseekers to be able to turn a job interview into a job offer.  The interview skills building are also available to company interview panellists to equip them with the ability to carry out interviews successfully and professionally.


Writing of Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV):

We help you write professional and winning Curriculum Vitae/Resum├ęs.


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